Knights Templar 2083 by Anders Behring Breivik – The Freemason Fundamentalist?

So I’m watching this video – for as long as Youtube allows to exist – although I do have a copy downloaded on my pc – and I don’t get the ‘Christian fundamentalist’ bit. Look, I have no issue going after Christian fundamentalists. As a matter of fact, I like too because it helps to draw the distinction between ‘biblical’ Christianity and how others are twisting the Faith. (Note the lower case ‘f’.) But this guy is not a Christian fundamentalist of even the Fred Phelps tripe. He is a cultural warrior, viewing Christianity (and Judaism, it seems) as a European identity issue. So let’s skip calling him a Christian and instead say that he was a Freemason/Knights Templar fundamentalist. There seems to be more online about him and that than him and Christianity. I mean, no one really knows about them, right? So we can label them easy enough and use pre-existing conspiracy theories to help further malign those who are part of the ancient brotherhood.

Ugh… So many steroetypes… so many labels. If we cannot call Mormons Christian… then why are we still calling this guy a Christian…

Tomorrow, in my congregation, I’ll pray for the dead and the killer…

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15 Replies to “Knights Templar 2083 by Anders Behring Breivik – The Freemason Fundamentalist?”

  1. I think bloggers and the media have to get out of their US-centric view of the issue. There is no real resemblance between North American conservative Christianity and the anti-Islamic nationalist movements such as in Scandinavia and the UK. These are secular cultural movements where identification as a Christian in most cases (or all that I have come across in person) is part of the European heritage with specific attention to the fact that it is not Islam.

    Those making the comparison either have no idea what they’re talking about or they’re trying to score some silly political point.

    1. “There is no real resemblance between North American conservative Christianity and the anti-Islamic nationalist movements such as in Scandinavia and the UK”….I do not agree. I think it is much more complex than that. This video had reference to Knights Templar, “Crusades Mentality”, and to quote it, “Before we can start our Crusade…”…Obviously some Arab nations view the U.S. as engaging in a Crusade (as in the middle ages) with Islam, rightly or wrongly (3 wars currently going on against Arab nations). Obviously, some people think the main reason Bush started the war with Iraq was because of his view of the world from the standpoint as a Conservative Christian, must protect Israel, and must defeat the Moslim threat to Israel, and all of Christianity (even though Sadam was not religious). Certainly, you have to admit that most conservative Christians are for returning all Israeli land back to them (from the Nile to the Euphratis river). I do not believe this, but obviously some (conservative Christians) do. European nationalism and U.S. white supremacy movements, and the origins of the KKK, all are fringe movements, but they can be said to have their roots in conservative Christianity. Obviously, if European Nationalism (as represented by this video) is quoting the Crusades and Knights Templar, it has some roots in Christianity, whether we like the reference or not.


  3. Some of the Nazis were into this Knights Templar stuff too e.g. Wewelsburg Castle — Himmler’s “Black Camelot.”

  4. it wasn’t the media who _labeled_ him. “christian” and “conservative” is what this breivik character calls _himself_.

  5. Hello, please visit citys like Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Köln ect. ect. You will think you are in Africa or the middle east. Our home, my home, makes hugh changes, they are going down. They flood us with the third world and we can do nothing. Most of the people who think this is ok came frome the third world or the middle east or they are totally brainwashed childrens.
    Search for Barbara Spectre and listen what she speakes- THATs exactly NOW what HAPPEND!!!

    sorry for my bad english- i hope god will help us; PLEASE !

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