King James Only Week – Introduction

I have not done a lot of work on the KJVO doctrine – roughly 21 posts, but it is something that I feel should be discussed. I of course welcome all manner of disagreement but if you are KJVO adherent, please be willing to show me doctrinal proof that the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the one and only inspired version of the Scriptures. If you cannot, I will eat you for lunch. (You can even remain anonymous if you choose)

This week, I will focus one or two articles a day on the topic of the KJVO argument. I know who reads this blog, and yes, this is mean for you. (No, not you – the other guy.)

I invite you to participate, especially if you are a KJVO person.

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6 Replies to “King James Only Week – Introduction”

  1. I was on a KJO web site once and they argued that the NIV left a word out of a particular verse. So I went on Crosswalk and looked it up and the word was actually ADDED by the 1611 translators. (It was not in the original Greek) That’s when I stopped following this foolishness. Personally I use multiple translations, but also the Hebrew and Greek lexicons.

    We minister to the Chinese. English is already their second language (although we use bi-lingual bibles) but imagine them trying to understand King James English!!

  2. I’d like to see them try and make that work!! LOL

    I teach English as a Second Language. One thing I learned about language is that it is living. Language changes with usage. We, because we are alive, have so many new expressions, idioms, and new words! For example, because of technology and the internet we have a new word like email, which didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago! And what about turning “google” into a verb?! “I googled it!”

    The Kings English that was spoken 400 years ago has so many words that are no longer in usage or whose usage has changed (like “conversation” in 1 Peter 3) it would be very difficult to teach it to speakers of a second language and I’d sincerely like to see someone try to do that!!


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