kickstarter campaign for a young Christian movie director

Hi Folks

I work for a christian national radio/tv station in New Zealand, and one of our talented staff is raising money to make a movie.

He has one week to go and needs about $5000NZD (USD$3000 approx) more to buy the equipment he needs. He will be doing this in his spare time, but has already done a few films in a similar vein which have been submitted to go to various film festivals.

This movie will have Christian themes and messages in it, but the idea is that it will appeal to people generally.

If you are interested in knowing what it is about, go  here: – Mikey has a promo there and an explanation of what he wishes to achieve.

If you know someone who supports these kind of projects, please refer them to the link, and click back project.

Otherwise, just keep an eye out in the future for this movie, filmed in New Zealand.

please ignore this if you find this offensive 😛


Geoff – 



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