Kenneth Copeland cures PTSD like he did measles

This is nuts.


One – the United States is not Israel. Moses wasn’t speaking to the U.S. Military. This is not a FRACKIN’ THEOCRACY BASED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.


Remember, this is the same group of morons who preached against vaccines.



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8 Replies to “Kenneth Copeland cures PTSD like he did measles”

  1. Numbers 31? Wait a minute. They should have started with Numbers 31, one of my favorites. Moses says kill all the women and children. But save the young virgins for your selves!

      1. On the polite side of things, a former Marine Corps officer, who happens to stand at least 6-6 told me Copland “needs to come to Jesus!” Politely put, given the inflection in his voice, he’d probably shake the pansy preacher until his eyeballs rattle. At the other end of the spectrum, a retired Marine sergeant said much the same thing in thoroughly unprintable language.
        Personally, I’d drop Copland into the Miller’s Canterbury Tale in the role of Nicholas or consign him to the apocryphal fate of Edward II.
        Meanwhile, there seems to be something in the broadcast drinking water these days. Glenn Beck’s pseudotorian David Barton recently claimed the Bible would “get rid of’ PTSD if soldiers are God’s warriors.” Even the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission disputed that one. Commission spokesperson Joe Carter neatly summed up the situation when he observed that Barton and Copeland seemed to make it a habit of “profoundly ignorant about theology and history.”
        Interestingly enough, both Barton and Copland are products of the Anal Roberts’ Kindergarten.

          1. What you read was significantly toned down.
            More recently, an M.D. with decorated military experience quipped, “He [Copeland] obviously never experience it [PTSD].”
            The current flap puts Copeland in the same league as fellow military virgin Rush Blimbo, er, Limbaugh. Despite the fact that neither served, both have disparaged the troops. Too bad public floggings are no longer permitted.

            P.S. Previous misspellings of Copeland’s name were unintentional. If the spell check doesn’t flag it, I usually keep typing.

  2. True story: Maybe 30 years ago I was sitting in the Chattanooga airport waiting for my flight. Suddenly the waiting area was flooded with teenage beauty pageant contestants, young, giggly girls wearing sashes. I prayed silently, “Lord, it’s not a long flight I know, but please don’t make me sit beside one of these girls. Amen.”

    Just as I concluded the prayer a middle-aged couple wearing brand-new, matching “Kenneth Copeland Ministries” T-shirts sat down in the waiting area.

    “Lord,” I prayed, “I’ve reconsidered….”

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