Ken Ham’s mad. Again.

Yeah… I know, right?

But he is. He’s mad that someone would dare challenge his homeskool currickulum with a proper course on evolution and science. In a post entitled, simply, WARNING, he begins,

Washington State University (WSU), using funding from the National Science Foundation, has produced an evolutionary biology curriculum targeted at homeschool families. The curriculum, called Lessons in Evolutionary Biology, is available for free online and includes lessons and activities for pre-school through twelfth grade.


I mean, I doubt that they even consider the Loch Ness monster as a sign of proof of Young Earth Creationism. I mean, sure, they have facts and Ham doesn’t even have a real good clue on what Scripture says or what science actually is, but dang it. Just dang it.

Oh, and for those who homeschool, it actually looks like a solid thing.

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8 Replies to “Ken Ham’s mad. Again.”

          1. that’s all fine and all, but to ignore good material simply because it comes from a “government school” is rather odd. Do you refuse to drive on roads? Go to hospitals?

  1. Not me.I don’t have a problem with it. Bur I’ve recently learned abiut the sheer nunber of voluntarists.

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