Ken Ham to get 11 million+ from Kentucky – Higher Ed, Public Sector loses

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear (D) has proposed a 2012-2013 budget that includes heavy cuts to some key departments while giving a $43 million tax break to a massive creationist theme park.

In his plan, Beshear calls for a 6.4 percent cut to Kentucky’s higher education department, a 2.2 percent cut to the State Police force and sizable cuts to other agencies in what he calls an effort tocut the budget to the bone. (here)

Yeah, I agree with Keith on this one…

Honestly… a 43$ million dollar tax cut and a 11$ million dollar interstate interchange… Wow… Of course, I guess if you actually want people to believe in unicorns, you need to cut funds to education….

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2 Replies to “Ken Ham to get 11 million+ from Kentucky – Higher Ed, Public Sector loses”

  1. Priorities for funding and education…like Roman gladiator games, history repeats itself.
    University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari’s salary, $4,500,000 per year.
    University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino’s salary, $7,500,000.

    Orgy behavior similar to politicans….
    Caught having sex with a women in a closed restaurant. News article,
    “Louisville coach Rick Pitino told police that he had consensual sex with and paid for an abortion for the woman who has been charged with trying to extort him…
    Karen Cunagin Sypher was federally charged in April with demanding cars, tuition for her children and finally $10 million. Police interviewed Pitino, who is married with five children, regarding the incident last month, and according to the newspaper, he said that he gave the woman $3,000 to have an abortion.”

    What more can be said?

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