Ken Ham is like the Moon

I don’t usually agree with James McGrath… Who am I kidding… On many things I do, especially mythicism and creationism.

But (real) Dr. McGrath is right about this… Ham and other fundamentalists are no better than Moon. And I’ll go you one better.

They are the modern incarnations of the Gnostics. Flesh is bad. Spiritual heave awaits. They have the super secret knowledge. And they do not new Apostolic tradition.

Anyway, read his post.

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5 Replies to “Ken Ham is like the Moon”

  1. The Bible says, by their fruits ye shall know them. It does not say when the disagree with you ye shall know them. Yes there are false teachers out there disquised as believers, one owns this very website, another he agrees with in the post above.

    The Bible does not say to listen to false teachers, secular people or any unbeliever yet too many are enticed by the lure of secular science and are lead astray through their unwariness. Once the devil has you taking secular science over God’s word, He has you on the way to destruction. He has you disobeying God and liking it.

    1. God doesn’t speak in 15th century English.

      The devil is in the service of God.

      You are blinded by your own arrogance, and I wonder if you aren’t writing from inside of a mental institution.

    1. Ham is correct on a few things, but he’s wrong about a young earth, yet that still doesn’t prove evolution. Lucifer and the angels had this earth for possibly millions of years before we did.

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