Ken Ham and indoctrination @aig

The article is titled, “An Evolving Controversy: The Struggle to Teach Science in Science Classes” (Summer 2012, pp. 12–23). The authors, Michael Berkman and Eric Plutzer, are professors of political science at Pennsylvania State University. They have written about the creation vs. evolution controversy before, but this article highlights their bias toward evolutionary belief in stunning ways.

via Educators Who Want Indoctrination in Evolution | Around the World with Ken Ham.

He goes on to suggest that because Scientists have not observed evolution, then debate remains. Except… we have observed evolution in process. Of course, they make up excuses for this.

And he pretends that Creationists produced respectable science – that’s like saying mythicists are respectable.

Wait for it…

I am unsure how teaching Creationism, something unsupportable biblically and scientifically, is teaching children to think critically. Isn’t that like asking them to question why we have no evidence against Santa Claus or honest Republicans?

Oh come on, Hambone…

Teach the kids science. If you can, teach actual biblical criticism at the high school level so that they can understand just how bad Hammy K and others are abusing it to fit their own needs.

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  1. There is little real teaching going on in public high schools, except for the smartest kids.

    Drugs, promiscuity, violence, are the rule of the day.

    A third of the young people don’t graduate, and of those who do close to half can’t read and write at a high school level, but they get graduated.

    Evolution? Heck, I just wish they could read and make change right at the fast food place.

    Encourage abortion, that takes care of a third of all pregnancies among these losers and give em all Darwin Awards.

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