Karl Rove was right!!

Remember when he said this:Our education plan allows us to make further gains in the suburbs. It will also allow us to make gains with Hispanics and African-Americans. As people do better, they start voting like Republicans — unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing. – Karl Rove, quoted in the “Daily Texan,” March 19, 2001

He’s right. Dead on. About the only thing he’s been right about in a very long time  –

best educated voters obama

And then there is Florida (ht to CS via FB)

karl rove was right!!!

There is a reason conservative Republicans take a stand against education and often seem anti-intellectual.

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8 Replies to “Karl Rove was right!!”

  1. I think this a classic case of confusing education with intelligence It seems that the most educated states are no more able to cope with natural disaster or sad economy than the least educated states and it even appears that many of the least educated states are better. Over the years I have had the opportunity to know many highly educated fools and also many highly intelligent but poorly educated individuals. Today’s universities are set up train for jobs without regard to training toward intelligent thinking. Education provided by a fool is of very little value and is probably damaging to one’s ability to utilize intelligent decisions.

      1. Sorry, but I’m not interested enough to pay $31.50. I wish the author would at least put a quick summary of the results in the abstract, other than methodology. But then again, I don’t need any more prove that Rove has a malfunctioning brain.

      2. ‘Intelligence’ the ‘scientific’ journal where ‘scientists’ (as Richard Lynn member of the editorial board) can claim that IQ is related with race and gender!

        And McDaniel?

        “States with higher estimated state IQ have a smaller proportion of Black, Hispanic, and Asian residents, more expenditures per student and smaller class sizes. The inclusion of state racial composition as a primary cause of state IQ may be objectionable. However, there are large mean racial differences in IQ and these differences manifest themselves in the state level data.”

        “IQ at the individual level has strong correlates with race. There are large and intractable mean racial differences in IQ at the person level. These differences are termed intractable because they have been relatively constant across decades and have not been appreciably affected by environmental interventions. Because racial composition of a state is a large magnitude correlate of state IQ, one cannot expect meaningful changes in state IQ as long as the state racial composition is relatively stable. While increased educational expenditures and smaller class sizes are to be encouraged, the stability of the rank order in the NAEP test data suggests that states are not going to alter their standing on state IQ dramatically through such efforts.”

        “… States might structure incentives to encourage those with high IQs to remain in the state. Likewise, a state may encourage high IQ individuals to have children. Over time, these policies should raise the average IQ of state residents.”

        According McDaniel also health and crime are relate with race.

        So, this paper is useful for?

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