Justice by the Mob

When we take polls on ‘justice’, and decide verdicts by majority, we run the risk of having no justice system.

Juror 12 is afraid for her life. Why? Because her co-workers and community decided that Anthony was guilty:

Her name remains a secret. She’s known simply as juror number 12. And while she has a certificate from Florida’s 9th Circuit, embossed with calligraphy thanking her for her duty as a member of the Casey Anthony jury, her life since being released from that duty has been one of cat and mouse.

A red-haired woman in her 60s who moved to Florida from Michigan, she told the court she worked at a Publix Grocery when she was questioned as a potential juror.

Now, she’s in hiding.

Juror number 12 left Florida. Her husband, fighting back tears, tells NBC News he’s not sure when she’ll return to her home in Florida.

Why? He says she fears half of her co-workers want her head on a platter. (here)

And, Mitch McConnell has said that because of Anthony’s not guilty plea, we should not expect to have terror trials here in the States. Because, you know, the justice system is all about guaranteeing a verdict without knowing the evidence.

We are a Republic, founded on the rule of Law. If that law ceases to be a written on and instead id dependent upon the will of the people, we are doomed.

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