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From an editorial on the first Thanksgiving:

As families sit down Thursday for Thanksgiving, our wish as Americans would be that they recapture a measure of the original meaning of this holiday. It was a day when native-born Americans welcomed undocumented immigrants, here in search of work and religious freedom, with benevolence and goodwill. Those native hosts were naive, perhaps, but well intentioned, imbued with an American spirit before America existed. The hosts and guests that day spoke different languages, followed different faiths. And yet they ate together, appreciated one another, saw their common humanity across their vast differences of culture.

This holiday is testament to those most fundamental American values — tolerance, curiosity, shared appreciation for struggle. As we celebrate the day, we should remember its meaning.

Perhaps we could think about the founding of the first settlements which slowly became our country on this day, as we look forward to solving this issue.

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