Just a little note on Michelle Crowder and ‘Caylee’s Law’

No doubt that laws need to be made to do whatever has popped up into pop culture lately, but let’s sit back and take a breather shall we?

The woman who saw something on facebook and launched the petition drive is hardly a saint:

Michelle Crowder, an Oklahoma woman, created the petition about 7 p.m. Tuesday after she saw the idea of creating a new law posted on Facebook.

Late Wednesday, the petition was averaging 5,000 signatures per hour.

“It kind of took off with a life of its own,” Ms. Crowder said.

The idea that it took a month before Caylee was reported missing sickened Ms. Crowder, who lost custody of her own two daughters.

“I’d have no way of knowing if one of my daughters was missing,” she said. “The idea of that, literally, makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

Read more: http://post-gazette.com/pg/11188/1158788-84-2.stm#ixzz1RSuuh1mo

How about we let the people who want their 15 minutes of fame sit this one out, as well as the politicians who want votes, and examine the law for the merits and what it could lead too.

If you want to still sign the petition, go here (ht)

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13 Replies to “Just a little note on Michelle Crowder and ‘Caylee’s Law’”

  1. stupid stupid law. this sort of thing happens rarely. second, it should not be federal crime. finally, this would be the first charge to be dropped.

  2. Ah, unfortunately for the uneducated trailer-trash of Amerika, the federal government doesn’t have the authority to pass such a law. That would have to be voted on and passed at the state level.

  3. Yet again what sickens me the most is the focus is not on the children but on the person proposing the law. I personally know Mrs. Cowder and the circumstances around her children and she did not “lose” custody because she was a bad parent it was because she could not afford the custody battle. Besides If it is such a rarity then what is your concern if it is passed or not? Let the law be there for those rare moments like with the Casey Anthony case to protect the rights of the children and so we do not have to see unjustice done to another child because evidence was destroyed over time. PS before you call anyone uneducated learn how to spell America! Thanks

  4. First, the our Congress could pass such a law. It may be unconstitutional, but who really knows until it works its way through the court system. And its rather mean to call so many people “trailer trash”. Lots of people just dont stop and think about the ramifications of this law. Second, this law would do nothing to protect a child. It only increases the federalization of criminal law, an area of law traditionally reserved for the states. Really, a law that would make it a felony to report the death of your child 61 minutes after death, even if it were not a homicide. Rights of a child? what rights would those be? The right to be alive? Well, its to late and there are laws for murder already. Really stupid waste of time. I would never sign such a petition.

  5. everyone has a right to do with their life as they desire, but never ever at the cost of an innocent child. all children need protection…….Caylee needs to be honored, recognized, validated. She was not garbage. A being that like all of us, came from God, through the flesh of a mother. Her life was taken away from her, a heavy price to pay………which could actually develop a law and STOP grown ups from hurting the innocent, the helpless children that WE were all once. Only true parents know what it is to love a child………let us remember we were all children once. God help us!

  6. Laws never ever prevent a crime. The only give notice of potential consquences. Laws dont stop murders, rapes or any other crimes. so stop this nonescense regarding passing laws to protect children, cause you will be dissappointed. These laws only make the niave feelgood, without actually doing anything.

  7. Law has imposed upon innocent citizens among many things the financial costs of Casey’s actions; a financial burden caused upon Zenaida Gonzalez and her children, the law enforcement, investigators, volunteers who took time away from their work and family, her 3 year incarceration, the trial’s expense for the state, the trial’s expense of her defense, and now protect her life…………the lease that can be done in hope and expectation as a deterent to stop all forms of abuse, is by warning of the consequences……….I choose NOT to support Casey and all those who through action or inaction. I prefer to stand tall and remind us all that we are citizens of LIFE, alive of dead. There is Man’s Law and then there’s God’s Law………..we’ll never know when it will be our turn to wear someone else’s shoes, through the experience of ourselves or our love ones. Unfortunately we live in a nation with the highest crime in the world, despite LAW………..but it is what we have a LAW DOES serve a purpose………..especially when you need the law on your side.

  8. I do have a question (with no disrespect by any means), but I’m sorta mind boggled as to the “author” of the law, Mrs. Michelle. It states she lost custody of her own children due to financial difficulties, however the children are from 1 marriage and 1 relationship. It seems odd that the court would not grant a mother some type of visitiation or custody to her children just because she cannot afford a better attorney that the “men” did in this situation. I dont mean to be ugly or disrespectful or even nosy, just would like to make sure I believe in what this person stands for before backing her up with the petition. Regardless of financial status of a parent, they are still entitled to visits and or contacts etc with their children, but it is my understanding that she (the mother) has no contact with her own children.

  9. I do not understand why the author is so sure this law is not needed. Even if it rarely happens, it obviously happens. As things get worse and worse in this world we must adjust our laws accordingly. Casey Anthony would still be in jail if we had already passed this law. This is just another tool for police to use against neglectful parents, especially in cases where other charges are hard to prove. Homicide takes time to solve and smaller charges can hold people while cases are built. Once a person is arrested for homicide the clock starts to tick on investigators to come up with sufficient evidence to charge. I am a mother of three and I have NO fear of this law being unjust. If I dont report my children missing in 24 hours I deserve what I get. If a person is not found within the first 48 hours the likelihood they will be found at all goes down drastically. This law should not be needed, but it is needed and 1 million petition signers agree with me. Who cares what Michelle’s personal choices are? This wasn’t even her original idea, and it has NOTHING to do with her personal life. After she has moved on and the new laws exist to protect children from negligent parents, who is going to care what kind of mother she was? That is between her, her family, and law enforcement if need be. Sounds to me like the author did not “think things through.”

    1. Because, we have been taught, it is easier to get a law passed than repealed or fixed, especially laws attached to emotions. We cannot pass a law for everything.

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