“Journalism” Crucified upon the Cross of Jesus

Archaeologists digging at an old church site in Turkey say they found a stone chest containing a relic that may be a part of the wood cross on which Jesus died.

Archaeologist: Wood relic found in Turkey may be piece of Jesus’ cross – UPI.com.

My response?

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Read the story. Then sit back and go… um… what?

The cross of Jesus is long lost. It was nothing special and at the very start, would have be reused time and time again.

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4 Replies to ““Journalism” Crucified upon the Cross of Jesus”

  1. I am so tired of hearing anyone say anything about the “True Cross.” As you say, it would have been thrown in the heap to be reused. It was probably used before and was surely used again.

    Even if, somehow, we were able to find a relic of the real one (presumably with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, and John) … so what?

    Everything worthwhile about the Cross is available without its physical presence. People who get worked up over this kind of thing miss the entire point of Christianity.

  2. As I just commented on Jim West’s blog, I’ve been to this church! I was stationed in Sinop in 1985, and this church was the first ancient site I visited after I arrived. (At the time, the church had not been excavated, and was just wasting away in the tall weeds in someone’s backyard. I remember how all the eyes on the frescos had been scratched out.)

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