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United States Senate candidate Rand Paul at a ...
United States Senate candidate Rand Paul at a rally in Erlanger, Kentucky, along with Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his son, Will Paul. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. Unauthorized use by any candidate or candidate’s committee is strictly prohibited without approval. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had many, many problems with Ron Paul. I do believe that Ron Paul is hardly a friend to Israel and I don’t think that he is a Christian; I don’t think he has a Christian worldview. ….

I got to grill him pretty intensively. I can sincerely say that I believe he thinks Israel is at least one of our best friends in the world if not our best friend. That’s a big, big difference from his father. He understands the threat that the Muslim world holds not only against Israel but against us. That’s a big difference from what his father said and understood. (here)

In other words, the guy who established World Net Daily  believes Christianity is summed up not in profession, or confession, but in the political stance to Israel. It is not the life of the believer, the loyalty to Christ, but how one is willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the government of Israel.

You know who doesn’t have a Christian worldview, Joe? Idol worships. God abusers. Liars. You.

And then… then he goes on in the same conversation to misappropriate one of Israel’s Scriptures, 2 Chronicles 7.14 — as many Americans do.

How ironic…

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