Jonnie Marbles, #Pie Goes with #Hacking

So, Jonnie when to the market today and bought a pie. He threw the pie at Rupert Murdoch. And tweeted about it beforehand.

A protester attacked News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch with what appeared to be a plate of shaving cream at a British parliamentary committee hearing Tuesday, as lawmakers grilled Murdoch and his son James over a phone-hacking scandal that has swept Britain.

Of course, I tend to think like this person:

U might think its clever what youve done buts its taken heat off Murdoch. You’re a moron and deserve to be charged


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5 Replies to “Jonnie Marbles, #Pie Goes with #Hacking”

  1. Somehow I just can’t get upset about it. Maybe it will communicate something needful to Murdoch in a way that polite conversation won’t.

  2. Will Rupert Murdoch offer a job to Louise Mensch?!?

    This should surely be the end of the dynasty. Both Murdochs showed they are incapable of running News Corp. And as I read somone comment, today explains why Murdoch paid $500 mil for MySpace.

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