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It is the true remark of an eminent man, who had made many observations on human nature, “If reason be against a man, a man will always be against reason.” This has been confirmed by the experience of all ages. Very many have been the instances of it in the Christian as well as the heathen world; yea, and that in the earliest times. Even then there were not wanting well-meaning men who, not having much reason themselves, imagined that reason was of no use in religion; yea, rather, that it was a hinderance to it. And there has not been wanting a succession of men who have believed and asserted the same thing. But never was there a greater number of these in the Christian Church, at least in Britain, than at this day. (here)

It’s those seminary types which are about the Reason!

Wesley is arguing that Reason and Faith (i.e., religion) can actually exist side by side. I sort of like his quote at the beginning. Think of the YEC or one who holds to this or that doctrine. If Reason (science, facts, etc..) is against the person, that person will stand against Reason.

The Theory of Motivated Reasoning… explained centuries earlier… by a theologian.

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