John Wesley 101 – The Duty of Constant Communion

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I consider the Eucharist among the supreme of the Christian duties.

2. A Second reason why every Christian should do this as often as he can, is, because the benefits of doing it are so great to all that do it in obedience to him; viz., the forgiveness of our past sins and the present strengthening and refreshing of our souls. In this world we are never free from temptations. Whatever way of life we are in, whatever our condition be, whether we are sick or well, in trouble or at ease, the enemies of our souls are watching to lead us into sin. And too often they prevail over us. Now, when we are convinced of having sinned against God, what surer way have we of procuring pardon from him, than the “showing forth the Lord’s death;” and beseeching him, for the sake of his Son’s sufferings, to blot out all our sins?

3. The grace of God given herein confirms to us the pardon of our sins, by enabling us to leave them. As our bodies are strengthened by bread and wine, so are our souls by these tokens of the body and blood of Christ. This is the food of our souls: This gives strength to perform our duty, and leads us on to perfection. If, therefore, we have any regard for the plain command of Christ, if we desire the pardon of our sins, if we wish for strength to believe, to love and obey God, then we should neglect no opportunity of receiving the Lord’s Supper; then we must never turn our backs on the feast which our Lord has prepared for us. We must neglect no occasion which the good providence of God affords us for this purpose. This is the true rule: So often are we to receive as God gives us opportunity. Whoever, therefore, does not receive, but goes from the holy table, when all things are prepared, either does not understand his duty, or does not care for the dying command of his Saviour, the forgiveness of his sins, the strengthening of his soul, and the refreshing it with the hope of glory.

You can, and should, read the rest of the sermon here:

Global Ministries – John Wesley, Sermon 101, The Duty of Constant Communion.

I really like this part –

I say constantly receiving; for as to the phrase of frequent communion, it is absurd to the last degree.

I believe that Communion should be offered daily, but would settle for weekly. I believe that it binds us together and allows us to share the intimacy of the Table.

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7 Replies to “John Wesley 101 – The Duty of Constant Communion”

  1. So then my question is, how does one practice daily or constant communion with a chosen fellowship that only chooses to practice/facilitate the sacrament sparingly?

    Is it a communal act, a personal one or both?

    What does communion actually look like? Is it taking of juice and bread?

  2. At times I had Communion 3 to 4 times per day, so over 25 times per week Jesus, (nor Paul), said there was any limit.

    1. Wesley, from what I understand, did as well. Of course, it is said that Jesus began the Eucharist, people abused it, and Paul put it back together again.

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