John Walton on Creation in Genesis

John Walton has a book coming out from Eisenbrauns on the creation narratives in Genesis.  The book has seen some delays and it is not on the Eisenbrauns website yet.  However, if you want a sneak peak of the book while you await its publication John has an article, “Creation in Genesis 1:1-2:3 and the Ancient Near East: Order out of Disorder after Chaoskampf,” in Calvin Theological Journal 43 (2008): 48-63 in which he provides a summary of his views on Genesis 1 as an ancient Near Eastern temple cosmology as well as an extended excerpt of a section from the forthcoming book on theomachy (or, divine conflict). » John Walton on Creation in Genesis.

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12 Replies to “John Walton on Creation in Genesis”

        1. Can it not be “Parallelomania” and revelation at the same time? Well I just realized I paralleled the comment by Charles.

    1. When I read his first book, one of the things which stuck out as a negative was his constant use of ANE myths. While I like some of his explanation, it seemed that he relied too heavily on these other concepts.

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