John Piper proves Protestantism needs more of Mary: “God Gave Christianity a ‘Masculine Feel'”

“God revealed Himself in the Bible pervasively as king not queen; father not mother,” Piper said at this year’s annual pastors conference hosted by the Desiring God ministry. “Second person of the Trinity is revealed as the eternal Son not daughter; the Father and the Son create man and woman in His image and give them the name man, the name of the male.” (here)

It is obvious that John Piper doesn’t remember all the times that God took on motherly characteristics or that Jesus is called Wisdom… the divine feminine. Or that at some points in Church history, picturing the Spirit as a woman was okay…

14th Century Fresco

This sorta of stuff bothers me… You?

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13 Replies to “John Piper proves Protestantism needs more of Mary: “God Gave Christianity a ‘Masculine Feel'””

  1. It’S not just Piper. Check out anyone associates with either World Magazine or the CBMW. They definitely have an agenda and read scripture through their preconceived lens.

  2. I betcha he’d be really freaked out by the medieval tradition that equated Jesus’ wounds with lactating breasts and parts of the female reproductive system. (Source; at the bottom of the page)

  3. I woke up this morning in a good mood. The sun was shining. The birds were singing (figuratively speaking). Then I opened up GoogleReader and Twitter and found this all over the blogosphere.


    Thanks for letting me vent. I’m done now.

    1. Steve, if you examine the Logos tradition, it begins, but Paul refers to Jesus as the Wisdom (Sophia) of God in 1 Co. I note as well as the strong Wisdom tradition which underlie the Gospels.

      1. That verse is definitely not showing Christ as the divine feminine, in the context of the scriptures it is pulled from the jews and the gentiles of the day are hitting a stumbling block over Christ crucified, and the verse 1 cor 1:24 is pointing out that Christ is the display of God’s wisdom that the world sees as foolishness.

        How that has anything to do with the divine feminine, I guess the world’s wise will only know.

        I know I will get figuratively crucified for reading it literally so I will now bid you a good night and shall not bother you again.

        1. Wow…. I don’t usually let people post last comments and run, as I think it says something unfortunate about their character, but I’ll let this one stand.

          Just wow….

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