John Piper on Humility

TC brought this to my attention:

I asked the elders to consider this leave because of a growing sense that my soul, my marriage, my family, and my ministry-pattern need a reality check from the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, I love my Lord, my wife, my five children and their families first and foremost; and I love my work of preaching and writing and leading Bethlehem. I hope the Lord gives me at least five more years as the pastor for preaching and vision at Bethlehem.

But on the other hand, I see several species of pride in my soul that, while they may not rise to the level of disqualifying me for ministry, grieve me, and have taken a toll on my relationship with Noël and others who are dear to me. How do I apologize to you, not for a specific deed, but for ongoing character flaws, and their effects on everybody? I’ll say it now, and no doubt will say it again, I’m sorry. Since I don’t have just one deed to point to, I simply ask for a spirit of forgiveness; and I give you as much assurance as I can that I am not making peace, but war, with my own sins.

He continues:

The difference between this leave and the sabbatical I took four years ago is that I wrote a book on that sabbatical (What Jesus Demands from the World). In 30 years, I have never let go of the passion for public productivity. In this leave, I intend to let go of all of it. No book-writing. No sermon preparation or preaching. No blogging. No Twitter. No articles. No reports. No papers. And no speaking engagements. There is one stateside exception—the weekend devoted to the Desiring God National Conferencecombined with the inaugural convocation of Bethlehem College and Seminary in October. Noël thought I should keep three international commitments. Our reasoning is that if she could go along, and if we plan it right, these could be very special times of refreshment together.  (full post…)

HT. (read TC’s post)

That is the an example of a pastor, minister, leader – an example that is biblical. This is humility wherein many find that pride keeps from from acknowledging that they might be moving away from the Lord in their ministry. Many couldn’t, rather, will not do what Piper has done and step aside.

“God has put me here,” they boast, and while that might be, there are times when you can thwart God’s plan by your own actions, so maybe, you just need to sit down. Imagine Piper’s downfall and what that would do to struggling individuals. It is a far better thing that he has done here than we may know.

I don’t agree with Piper on a lot, but here – here Piper has gained a lot of respect.

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14 Replies to “John Piper on Humility”

  1. I think more should do just that, but if the TV,ones would they would lose money, but I have a lot of respect for John, like his sermons.. God bless him and family, we all should do that sometimes.

    1. Amen, Deb. I like his tough preaching – might not agree with him on the issue of Calvinism, etc… – but he has instantly become someone that I respect because of this.

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