John Piper – It’s a sin not to be Calvinist

“It’s sin not to like the true doctrine of election. It’s sin not to like what God likes.”

So states John Piper in a post dated June 4, and prominently displayed for over a week on the front page of

via No, John Piper . . . It’s NOT a Sin! | Engaging the Culture.

Oh my….

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3 Replies to “John Piper – It’s a sin not to be Calvinist”

  1. If that’s true, John Piper is a sinner, because his is not the true doctrine of election which God likes – or at least it is presumptuous of him to assume that it is.

  2. John Piper is actually on the record as saying he doesn’t think you can be saved unless you believe in Calvinism, at least deep down in your heart.

  3. This is the same guy that thinks evil is necessary……even for God

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