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There are times that every person must stop, breathe, and rest a while before moving on. We might call it discerning, or refreshment, or simply a break. It seems that John Pipe, whom I disagree with on a few issues, has done so and is the better for it. Without going into a full recount of what happened before the break, we can pick up just a little bit of what he was going through. He shared, and he rested upon and with others. We should, I believe, respect the fact that he is making a public showing

I will say a few words about each of these. But please know that the depth and magnitude of the value of these months will take the rest of my life to unpack. For example, I kept a journal which is now 265 single-spaced pages and has 214 entries. Most of these are personal reflections on what God has been doing in our lives. Perhaps I will write a book someday called The Leave.

So this report is a tiny fraction of what needs to be said, and what, Lord willing, will be said over the next months in conversations and sermons and blogs and books. I will mainly speak for myself here in the expectation that in various ways Noël will speak of her own experience. I know she is thanking God with me for the value of these months. She has read this report, made tweaks, and given approval.

You can read the rest here:

John Piper’s Report on His Leave of Absence – Desiring God.

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