John Hagee on Why we are Losing a Ground War in Asia

Obviously, Pastor John hasn’t seen the Princess Bride… It’s not Satanism, John, it’s just the way things are…

I mean sure, you’re dealing with two vastly different theaters as well as historical contexts, but I guess Satanism is a good a reason as any…

America right now has its fist in the face of God and in the name of pluralism we are honoring paganism coast to coast in this nation.

You want to know what drives environmentalism in America? Paganism, paganism, this is exactly what Paul spoke about in Romans. And Paul said, when a generation does this I will give them over to a reprobate mind, they will believe a lie and they as a generation will be damned. Let me say this to you very clearly and those of you watching over the internet: There is one God in this book, it is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Allah is not God, Buddha is not God, Mary is not God, Mary Baker Eddy is not God, birds, animals and bugs are not God, Jehovah God is the God of all Gods. He is a jealous God, and He demands that He be the Lord of all or not at all!

We have allowed the worship of Satanism in the U.S. military, most Americans are not aware of that, and we wonder why it takes us ten years to defeat our weak enemies as Moses said in Deuteronomy 28. How is it that in World War II we whipped the world in four years and now we’re bogged down in one lingering war after another that does nothing but rape our economy and kill our young men? Why? Maybe the God of Heaven is not with us. He says when you accept another God, I leave. I’m either the only Lord, or you’re on your own. That means stop voting for pagans and putting them in public office (ht)

Of course, for this to be true… then we would have to be God’s nation and God’s army…. Nah… he couldm’t really mean that, could he?

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2 Replies to “John Hagee on Why we are Losing a Ground War in Asia”

  1. Ummmm … in WWII, we weren’t actually fighting the whole world. Since we were fighting actual countries, there was an enemy that could be defeated and cowed by the use of such tactics as carpet-bombing and the destruction of cities with a-bombs, that kind of thing.

    Since in Afghanistan we’re determined to kill little groups of bad guys and whoever else happens to be around them, we keep managing to make more enemies.

    I’m not sure that it has to do so much with pagan worship of the environment (aka “stewardship”) as a stupid policy badly executed.

  2. One of the main reasons we won WWII in four years is because we were willing to do whatever it took to win. We understood then that to win a war, you must fight a war. And our troops did not attend sensitivity training.

    The reason we are bogged down in Afghanistan is because we are not willing to do what is necessary to win. The US would never have tolerated an enemy sanctuary in a neighboring country during WWII, as is the current situation with Pakistan.

    And, General George Patton would last five minutes in the current US military.

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