John Chrysostom on the Church

It is not merely that the Church was barren like Sarah, or became a mother of many children like her, but she bore them in the way Sarah did. As it was not nature but the promise of God which rendered Sarah a mother, so also in our regeneration it is not nature, but the Words of God spoken by the Priest*, (the faithful know them,) which in the Bath of water as in a sort of womb, form and regenerate him who is baptized. – St. John Chrysostom, *Homily on Galatians 4*

As we have learned, one cannot simply discount someone from this time period because of interpretations by later people. John Chyrsostom is right about the Church, although his Godhead might not be the best, and we know from such as Marcellus of Ancyra, not every good ‘Catholic’ held the same view of the Godhead.

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