John Chrysostom on believing the Scriptures

There comes a heathen and says, “I wish to become a Christian, but I know not whom to join: there is much fighting and faction among you, much confusion: which doctrine am I to choose?” How shall we answer him? “Each of you” (says he) “asserts, ‘I speak the truth.'” No doubt: this is in our favor. For if we told you to be persuaded by arguments, you might well be perplexed: but if we bid you believe the Scriptures, and these are simple and true, the decision is easy for you. If any agree with the Scriptures, he is the Christian; if any fight against them, he is far from this rule. — St. John Chrysostom, (Homily 33 in Acts of the Apostles )

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4 Replies to “John Chrysostom on believing the Scriptures”

  1. Sometimes I see arguments in blog posts or comments with no Scripture mentioned. This bothers me. I thought that everything should be backed up with Scripture. I wonder if part of what he’s saying is that arguments from a logical perspective are pernicious and those based on Scripture are more valid. Although of course people can twist or select Scripture however they would like.

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