John Calvin’s Views on Worship

John Calvin
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Thought of you may enjoy this. Frankly, if your worship isn’t theological, is it really worship?

The great danger the church faces today is the separation of our theology from our practice or the viewing of the Bible as somehow separate from theology. Calvin believed that there was no theology that did not come out of the Bible, but that out of the Bible came a theology of coherence. It is distressing, President Godfrey said, when people dismiss the theology of the Reformation as being not adequately Biblical. Concerned with being “mean spirited” in his reply, Godfrey responded that most people today who would make such a charge do not know one tenth as much about the Bible as John Calvin or Martin Luther did.

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Maybe this is why I have drifted away from the more charismatic worship services of my youth, the weak songs of Southern Gospel music, and the belief that just sitting in the pew counted as worship.

Worship must be theological, if theology is our dialogue about and with and of God.

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