Joe Scarborough tries to Link Autism To Aurora Shooting

On his MSNBC program this morning, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough made the stunning declaration that people like Aurora mass shooter James Holmes are “somewhere, I believe, on the autism scale,” and that while he didn’t know if this was true of Holmes specifically, “it happens more often than not.” (HERE)

He later retracted his comments…

I don’t get the stupidity of that comment… I do not have autism and have known only a few who do, but this? This is just crazy.

To suggest that autism is connected to mental health problems?


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2 Replies to “Joe Scarborough tries to Link Autism To Aurora Shooting”

  1. This is the kind of crap that promotes stigma against people with any kind of neurological issues.

    My 13-year-old son has Asperger’s, and he didn’t deserve to be linked to mass-murder because some jackass on TV is talking to ignorant viewers. If he’d spoken to an actual expert before mouthing off, he would have realized that there is nothing of relevance in his rambling.

    Americans don’t understand mental illness or neurological disorders, and instead of bothering to try tend to spout off stupid nonsense like this. He apparently prefaced by saying that he has a son with Asperger’s. I feel very sorry for his child, whose father would subject him to this kind of stigma and sick fear-mongering.

    I really don’t know much about Joe Scarborough, but this is more than enough for me to view him as rather a loathsome human being.

    As for retracting his comment: Sadly, that isn’t how words work. Once you say them, you can’t unsay them. If he apologized and said that ignorant talk show hosts are actually more dangerous than the average person with Asperger’s, then that might be a start.

    I’d probably better stop now.

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