Jim, I have named your demons

Jim posted a picture today, after a rough week in the blogosphere. I saw an instant opportunity to help him out, being the friend that I am. See, if you are able to name your demons, according to the proper lore, you can exorcise them.

So, I am helping him out.


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12 Replies to “Jim, I have named your demons”

  1. When I read The Life of St. Anthony many years ago, it struck me how deluded were Antony’s claims of being attacked by demons. Some things don’t seem to change over the centuries.

    1. Ha – you take my analogy too literally, Jim. I was merely suggesting that the persecution complex might be a little delusional.

      I didn’t think you had locked yourself in an abandoned building and started to think that the wild cats were demons – or anything of that sort.

  2. (evidently one must be VERY clear for literalists who lack, it appears, the wit gene- so, just so as to be VERY clear…. i don’t think i’m st. anthony AND i don’t think demons are attacking me…) (what a state we’ve come to when that actually has to be said…)

  3. AGAIN, Jim, I think you missed Deane’s point. He wasn’t saying that he thought you literally thought you were St. A or that you are literally being attacked by demons. He IS making a little fun of the idea that you are feeling persecuted. *I* find it especially humorous, since *you* have been the one to make claims about who does and does not have the Holy Spirit, who is and who is not “allowed” to analyze/critique scripture, and who is or is not allowed secular civil rights in a secular civil government. Seems to me you’ve gotten things a little twisted in your mind about who is and who is not persecuted.

  4. ros those ideas you attribute to *me* are merely the views of orthodox christianity for at least 1600 years. it isn’t *my* views that are idiosyncratic or historically incomprehensible. you may not like the viewpoint of orthodox and reformed christianity, which is your right, but you can’t pretend that i’m their originator. i’m old but by golly i’m not 1600 years old.

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