Jews… don’t believe in Hell… Um… but what about the Old Testament?

Despite hundreds, if not thousands, of kabbalistic texts addressing hell, including the short tractates of Gehinnom and Hibut Ha’Kever (the pangs of the grave), many people (including many believers, too) erroneously are of the view that Jews don’t believe in hell. In fact, one could construct a convincing argument that Jewish texts laid the groundwork for much of the apocalyptic narratives that then bred all the medieval manuscript and Renaissance painting depictions of hellfire and eternal damnation.

via Menachem Wecker: With Ramadan and Jewish High Holidays Looming, We Should Talk About Hell.

I jest… anyway, it is an interesting reading, if for nothing else, it points us to a book, available on kindle, for free, about Jewish dialogues on hell, in hell.

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