Jesus the Evidence

Thanks to Dr. Goodacre (read his piece at NT Blog) for pointing this out:

If I could make one movie….it might just be about Nicaea.

The guy who slaps the other guy (Arius) was St. Nick. I note that they assume that the ‘orthodox’ Christians were the one doing the eliminating, but it was the Semi-Arians led by the Eusebian party (Eusebius of Caesarea and his co-hort Eusebius of Nicomedia, but supporters of Arius) who were attempting to eliminate those Christians who upheld the One Substance of the Father and the Son.

Further, the issues of Nicaea weren’t really settled until 381 (if then), proving the Nicaea was a failure for Christianity.

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    1. Ha! Can’t you see it now, Santa Clause – and I mean with reindeer and all – arriving on the scene. Then, we have the Nicolas/Arius slap as a boxing match?

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