Jesus, like you’ve never seen him before

This is on Facebook… shared by a friend:

sexy jesus

That’s a rather, um, masculine Jesus.

And White.



That’s the Tea Party Jesus!

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8 Replies to “Jesus, like you’ve never seen him before”

  1. And “NRA Life Member” tattooed on his arm, and an Uzi strung over his shoulder. I say Uzi, because he was Jewish. Otherwise, he’d be pro-buy American, and it would be a Colt AR-15, from the good-old USA.

    1. There’s something in scripture, Teaparty interpretation; Jesus sends disciples out to get him a colt and an ass. Sounds like AR-15 and Cruz.

      1. Can’t wait to see the outcome of that combination if Cruz can’t shoot any better than Cheney! As the former draft-dodger turned warmonger has proven of late, the only time anyone is safe around Cheney is when his weapon malfunctions.

  2. Before this is over, Christianity in American life is going to wind up worshiping a blond, blue-eyed ski instructor named Binkie!

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