Jesus isn’t a theory

God reveals Himself to us, He doesn’t give us theories.
Salvation is not found in a theory – Salvation is found in Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the most important part of Creation
– Jesus is the Creator
– Jesus is the Redeemer
– Jesus is the Restorer.

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7 Replies to “Jesus isn’t a theory”

  1. Gez,

    Doesn’t that say both that Jesus “is the Creator” and Jesus is “part of Creation”?

    Or, are you saying that Jesus is more important than the Father, in terms of the creation of the world?

  2. Jesus isn’t a theory because the character doesn’t meet the minimum standards to be considered a theory; the whole notion is really more of an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

      1. You’ve said yourself that the information in the historical record is sparse at best for the existence of someone who may have been named Jesus causing trouble of some kind at some point in history. That’s not at all what any thinking person would consider conclusive evidence for the specific stories in the Bible–stories which not even believers can agree upon. So to suggest that Jesus is anything other than a hypothesis is technically and practically inaccurate.

  3. @Eluros, the OT and NT together say that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were involved in the Creation, and that the Son is the Creator.

    In no way am I saying that Jesus is more important than the Father in any context. All Three are equal.

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