Jesus Is My N**ga Rap – Or, how to fail at being relevant

I kid you not.

“Christian swag” “proud to be an American” “cap in your butt”

A homie.

Oh dear GOD.

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6 Replies to “Jesus Is My N**ga Rap – Or, how to fail at being relevant”

    1. I am torn between the idea that this proves god doesn’t exist or that god does exist and hates us and wants us to be sad – or maybe he’s telling us that its time for the church to go?

  1. Just about every club, or group in society has produced an equally awful production at some time. If it’s any consolation, this idiocy is not the exclusive domain of Christians, or the church.

  2. Are you serious? This is wrong on as many ways….I bet you wrote this just so he could say N***GA! At least he admits Christ was a man of color…offensive though…

  3. Poe’s Law states that it is impossible to produce a parody of Fundamentalist religion that is so outrageous that it cannot be mistaken for the real thing.

    As a parody this is offensive but quite funny.

    If it’s real it’s still offensive but just pathetic.

    I vote parody.

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