Jesus. All About Life

CHRISTIAN churches are getting ready to launch Australia’s biggest cross-denominational media campaign, featuring the ultimate pin-up boy: Jesus Christ.

Bible Society chief executive Daniel Willis said a seven-week campaign in NSW would be a non-traditional approach for Christian churches, which he said had never used the media well.

”Research showed us that people were not really happy about the church,” he said. ”When we started this research in 2003, all the problems that were associated with the church were being raised, and there was a lot of bad press. The church was anathema but Jesus was fine.”

The $1.5 million ”Jesus. All About Life” campaign will kick off with a viral internet component next month, before moving on to prime-time TV and billboard advertising running until the end of October. Although privately funded, it has the support of a range of denominations, including the Catholic Church, NSW Christian Brethren and Hillsong.

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