Jason Hooper is the third Blues Brother

A VISITING American evangelist who claims healing powers has walked from a NSW court without even a fine despite driving 110km blind drunk and crashing into a parked car.

Self-claimed “prophet of God” Jason Hooper – touring with Hillsong protege Ben Hughes – declared God had forgiven him for his double-shot whisky binge that ended in a mangled wreck on the Mid North Coast.

“I’ve worked it out with the Lord. I was wrong,” Hooper told The Sunday Telegraph.

It was a miracle the Christian revivalist, with a huge following in the US, didn’t cause further turmoil on the Pacific Highway earlier this week after driving with a blood alcohol level of .206.

Hooper not only had God on his side but magistrate Wayne Evans who let him go, saying the preacher was a “person of good character” under a lot of “ministerial pressure”.

via US Evangelist Jason Hooper claims he’s on a mission from god | thetelegraph.com.au.

He claims he is on a mission from God…. that has always caused a lot of problems, and the more so when the person doesn’t realize that he might have a serious problem.

Pray for Jason.


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2 Replies to “Jason Hooper is the third Blues Brother”

  1. Hi Joel,

    I’m an Aussie and have been living in the States for about 8 years now. I can tell you that this is outrageous. I can not believe how LITTLE punishment Hooper got for his reckless behaviour.

    Drunk driving is a taken very seriously in Australia – and for good reason – drinking excessively is practically a plague back home, so many people die because of alcoholism.

    Every year during any sort of holiday long weekend the police are out in force to conduct random breath testing and anyone found with excessive blood alcohol is fined heavily and will have double demerit points deducted from their license. I have no idea why the judge would let Hooper go so lightly. ANY other person, Aussie or otherwise, would have gone to jail. No wonder the police are disgusted. Especially since he wrecked his car and someone else’s! Coff Harbour is a popular vacation spot and there could have been someone killed by his drunk driving. I am in disbelief here.

    I can also tell you that this will not reflect well on Hillsong and on the Christian community in general. The main issue with evangelism in Australia is that we are just way too laid back when it comes to being in a right relationship with God. It’s all live and let live – but this blatant favouritism for an evangelist will not go over well at all with the Australian public. Aussies don’t like preferential treatment for those in privilege or with connections. Who would?

    And being reported in the Daily Telegraph? I groaned when I saw it. The Daily Telegraph is a bit on the tabloid-y side but it gets a lot of wide circulation. This is not a good day for the church in Australia. It’s a sordid scandal that will give the cause of Christ a black eye.

    Jason Hooper SHOULD have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law in Australia. His behaviour was absolutely appalling and shocking. He willfully drank and drove under heavy influence. He could very well have killed someone. I am HAPPY that he is repentant but if he really is indeed from a mission from God then he should have happily gone to jail as a consequence of his behaviour and served a glorifying example unto God. This just makes it seem like if you proclaim loudly enough that you are God’s anointed then the law doesn’t apply to you. It makes my stomach churn.

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