James Chukwuma Okoye – The Eucharist in African Perspective

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Okoye is a Catholic Priest and on the forefront of ‘African Theology‘ which deals with theology from the African continent.

In this article, Nigerian James Chukwuma Okoye explores the idea of an inculturated African Eucharist. After a discussion of the possibility of a truly African Eucharist according to Catholic teaching, Okoye outlines several elements that would need to be present in any Eucharist that would claim to be authentically African: it would be a sacrifice that would maintain the “ontological balance” between God and human beings; it would be richly communal in nature; it would function as an access to mystical power; it would have a healing role in the community; it would be a liturgy that would be celebrated in word, song, body movements and dance. Okoye then briefly discusses the Zairean rite of Eucharist as a concrete example of a eucharistic celebration that is rooted both in the Roman Rite as well as in local, African traditions

James Chukwuma Okoye, CSSP – The Eucharist in African Perspective.

Keep in mind that the earliest Christian theologians didn’t come from Europe, but from northern Africa and the Near East.

You may not like his point of view, but maybe it’ll make you think about your point of view, your context, and how you interact with the Scriptures through your cultural location.

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