James B Torrance on the Trinity

The Bible doesn’t give a thorough doctrine of the Trinity but what it is absolutely clear about is that we have an invitation to worship God and be part of His mission on earth and this involves all three Persons of the Godhead. Because of what Jesus has done for us and because of the access that He has given us, we can, through the Spirit, participate in the Son’s communion with the Father and in the Son’s mission from the Father to the world.


It can now baffle me why some people think you need anyone else who is in Heaven. Tried that for years, and it didn’t work for me. God did, and does, and will.

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  1. ‘We, as evangelicals, only do justice to our past if we regard the Reformation not as something to be celebrated but as something to be lamented.’ ~ Hans Boersma, Heavenly Participation, Eerdmans, 2011, page 85

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