Jack T. Chick – Grand Master of Conspiracies (KJVO)

I was 7 in 1985, when this tract was first produced, and I have no doubt that I have read it, praised the truth of it, hated the Catholics who would become the one world government and take away my King James Version Bible 1611. Now, I am way past 7 years old, able to read for myself, and discern – remember that spiritual gift? – that is true and what is false, and friend, while it makes for scary bed time tales, the Jesuits are not coming to take away your King James Version Bible, 1611, 1769, Cambridge or Oxford.

There is so much wrong with this, that I cannot begin to go into it on every detail:


Wrong. The full canon of the Old Testament was not settled until after Christ. As a matter of fact, we can find echoes of the Deuterocanon (Apoc.) in the NT as spoken by Christ and His Apostles. Trent is given the precendence that it is because it was called to attempt to stop the Protestants. Remember, Luther had attempted to remove certain books long considered canonical. Trent was an answer to the Protestants, nothing new – unlike previous and subsequent councils. Rome knew that she was in trouble, and tired to solidify her position.


Uh, no – First, the center of what we would recognize as Orthodox Christianity was in Alexandria. It was those East of that great city which downplayed the diety of Christ, and sought to corrupt Christianity. Granted, Alexandria produced Origen and Clement of that city, but in the end, the people who followed Origen were from the area near Palestine.

Let me give you a little hint – when you have to quote only yourself, it does not qualify as a sound source –


Someone should read what Constantine actually did – and the MSS used today predate, often times, the Alexandrine. The MSS that underlie the KJV post-date the Alexandrine, by several centuries.

Further, on Jerome – he didn’t ‘create’ a new bible, but translated the Greek OT and the Greek NT into Latin, which was the language of the Church at that time. If one would actually read the MSS, they would see very little difference, if any, of doctrine.


I wonder why they ignore Tyndale, Cranmer, Matthew, the Bishop’s Bible and the Great Bible? When your doctrine is built on unsubstantiated conspiracy theories you look rather foolish. The rest of the tract is conspiracy theory – of which too many have bought into.

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  1. But it's so much easier to make up a conspiracy than to look at the actual text.

    Putting scare quotes around "original Greek" is another great way to go about it.

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