It’s this type of stuff Louisiana has decided is fact

First, you gotta read this:

This chapter is a revision of that which originally was published after one of my creation conferences by Colonial Hills Baptist Church in East Point, Georgia sometime in the early 1970’s. It also has been part of well over a hundred conferences in many states and several countries. For years it was part of my class notes for Genesis 1-11 entitled “In the Beginning,” for Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis where I was Director of Graduate Studies. It describes my abrupt awakening to the requirement by the catastrophic contents of the Book of Job that I recognize a post-Noahic flood, thoroughly Biblical, ice “age” catastrophe.

That’s right.. Job is writing about the Ice Age…Bernard E. Northrup (ThD, no relation to a PhD in sciences) was no doubt an devoted follower of God and by all accounts, a very pastoral man. But he is wrong in his Creationism and while a doctor of theology, he was not a doctor of geology, archeology, or other -ologies related to the actual age of the earth.

And now, Louisiana

The Louisiana state Senate Education Committee rejected a move to repeal the state’s Science Education Act on Wednesday, handing a defeat to opponents who have criticized the law for essentially allowing the teaching of creationism in science class.

Under the law, public school teachers are permitted to introduce “supplemental textbooks and other instructional materials to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review scientific theories in an objective manner.” While the Science Education Act says teachers may not “promote any religious doctrine,” it contains no specific ban on the teaching of creationism. Teachers and local school boards also aren’t required to obtain prior approval from the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education before introducing supplemental material, the Associated Press reports.

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