It's Sunday…again

Seems like this day comes at least once a week, you know what I mean?

I had a pretty good week…relaxed a great deal, read some, thought some, prayed some. I took the whole week off of work, and I only went to my office once.

Well, back to the old grindstone, eh?

This week, I will post on Sirach, perhaps Advent, and of course the Regulative Principle and how it kept Christmas from these shores for so long, and how it might reapply to the Church. I would like to continue to read Tertullian, as I am interested in getting into more of Tertullian’s view on the Godhead, as well as Irenaeus. I have a post that I am working on concerning the hands of God from Irenaeus and Theophilus of Antioch’s view. It is quite, well, economic.

We are nearly ready to leave for church…I am actually the readiest – which is near impossible because it is usually be dragging along. I spend more time getting ready than my entire family combined. (Which is unusual, I know, for the ‘man of the house’ – but it happens)

I want to thank YOU for that donation that you made (You know who you are.) I except nothing for myself or this blog, but I will for the Church and for different causes.

Speaking of causes, I will continue posting other cases of people in need in the Charleston, WV area. I live here and this is the community that I can affect for Christ. I encourage you to do the same, and again, if where you live, everyone is fine, then consider my community.

The Christmas season is my worst time of the year. I do not like it. I did not celebrate it nor celebrate it today as anything remotely religious. I do, however, see opportunities in this time of year to lift Christ in different ways (none of them relating to Christmas directly) as well as to shed the light of the gospel of Christ to those in need. Granted, this can be done and should be done daily throughout the year, but it is at this time of the year where people seemed to focused on perhaps something remotely religious. I do not decorate my house at all – inside or out. I buy gifts, sure, but those that know me, know that I do those things year around. Again, I see witnessing capabilities at this time of year that might not exist at other times of the year.

I don’t want to bring anyone down or anything, but we must have only Christ before us, yearly, daily, at every second. And while Christ has been with us for the past two thousand years, this tradition of Christmas has not, and has only been really celebrated for about a century and a half in the States. Let’s not sacrifice Christ for Christmas.

And for now, I will not mention my high view of Church.

I hope that you will join me in the prayer this holiday season, that those who have will be of service to those that are without – and further, that just as the holidays enjoin us to have this compassion, that we take this compassion with us daily, as Christ did, and would have, to our fellow person – who created in the image of God, has dignity, no matter the station of life, no matter the depravity, no matter what.

As each successive generation since Christ, we are indeed living in the last days, an it behooves us to redeem the time.

God bless you richly and warmly this morning.

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16 Replies to “It's Sunday…again”

  1. You know, I have done a lot of studing and still learning, ,I grew up believing that Christmas was a Religous holiday,Christs birthday,and Santa, but finally realized that it is all HYPE, I got rid of all my Christmas decorations,and will no longer celebrate this day, or Easter ,I will continue to CELEBRATE JESUS! AND MY FATHER EVERYDAY,,, But I told my family,about this revelation,and met with lots of static,, It has been embeded down through the years in everyone,and just a habit that some will not change,,I see that now…but I refuse to go back ..God bless

  2. Good afternoon. I share your sediments on christmas and often find myself wishing that we could just move from November to january. When we draw close to Jesus and set our affections firmly on things eternal, the temporal elements that fail to bring glory to the Lord Jesus lose their appeal. The perfect peace of God is so complete and satisfying that nothing can add to or take from it.

    Your final sentance is so “right on.” These are the last times and we must be about those things of eternal significance.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  3. Nice post Polycarp. I do not like this time of year either which makes me feel odd since so many love it. I am thankful for the goodwill that happens, I only wish it was all year round as you mention. Even so, there is so much that rubs me wrong this time of year that I anxiously await Dec. 26th.

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