It's Sunday morning…so what?

Yes, we can take that attitude. I mean, sure some of us get one day off and really should stay home and rest up or clean up, or relax or something besides go to Church. Just because we are told not to stop assembling ourselves together, well, who really cares about what the Apostle Paul said anyway, it’s not like he had to work 6 days a week or get up early and work until the wee hours of the night.

And besides, Church really doesn’t matter anyway, right? Sure, since the very beginning of Christianity, Christians have met on the frist day of the week to worship and praise their God. No need to follow tradition, you know, even if this tradition is backed up by examples in Scripture and that little diddy from Christ about where two or three are gathered together in His name.

And other thing, Sunday is a pagan day, who really cares if the truth of the matter is that early Christians celebrated every First Day as the day that Christ rose from the grave. I mean, that was 2000 years ago and all.

And if you have to drive…well, the gas prices are just too high and no one would expect you to spend 8 bucks or so just to go to Church. Instead, go to the mall today and hang out with friends. Maybe go to Wal-mart or K-mart.

Besides, Church is filled with a bunch of hypocrites anyway. Have you ever thought that you might just be too perfect to go to church with a  bunch of sinners and hypocrites? I mean, some don’t even shake your hand. Your pastor might not care much for you, never calls, never visits, never lets your sing or lead testimony. What about that Brother or Sister who you can’t stand for various reasons. They might be there and you know, all you would do is to spend the entire service planning what you would say to them if you given half a chance. Boy, would it be good too. You could cut them low and deep. I mean, sure, you shouldn’t go for the attention or to be liked by others, after all it really is God’s house anyway, but you need friends right? So, go to the mall or somewhere with your friends.

But, now, I mean this, if you feel like you absolutely have to go to Church this morning, here are some that I recommend.

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0 Replies to “It's Sunday morning…so what?”

  1. Usher: Doesn’t this condeming mentality just make you want to run out and go to another goofy bunch of people without a clue and listen to their guilt trips?

    Deacon: No thanks – I’ll pass – I’ve got better things to do – like spend time with God instead of sitting in a stagnant room full of stupid sheep who don’t know any better than to follow someone who writes like this

    Usher: Deacon, that’s a little dark, I’m usually the slammer – what’s up?

    Deacon: Just fed up with the dumb and dumber misleading people to live a life of stupidity inside four walls on a Sunday morning, give up all their money and then not do a d*** thing with it…..Rant over (he ain’t got the backbone to post this anyway.)

  2. Deacon, thanks for the insight into the mind of depravity. I believe that in this satire you have accurately depicted Paul’s prophecy of the end days when people will not endure sound doctrine and fall away from the truth to follow their own desires and lusts. We need to be reminded more of attitudes such as this, so we think you for bringing this to our attention.

    P.S. – I understand that you were making fun of the depraved, but I had to correct your use of vulgarity (***). I posted your comment anyway, as I believe that others need to see exactly where the lost are thinking.

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