It’s okay, Brian, becoming Catholic is nothing to “fear”

Brian LePort from Near Emmaus is apparently afraid he may return from Europe Catholic.  He writes:

I am a little afraid that I may return from my trip to Europe a Roman Catholic for two reasons:

(1) I’m going to Rome! So either I will be tempted to become a Catholic while in Vatican City or I will be tempted to become a Caesar while wandering around the Capitoline and the Palatino. …

(2) After Mark Stevens blogged on Pope Benedict XVI’s second volume of Jesus of Nazareth there was a urge to sample some of his work from the first volume. I read the introduction and I was very, very impressed as it appears the Pope has engaged not only Catholic scholars, but Protestants, and he even showed familiarity with things like the canonical approach set forth by “American scholars” (xviii) and philosophical hermeneutics (xx). …

Read the rest here: I could return from Europe a Roman Catholic. | Near Emmaus

Brian it’s nothing to fear.  It’s not like there’s a Jesuit secret society at work around you or anything …

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7 Replies to “It’s okay, Brian, becoming Catholic is nothing to “fear””

  1. from what i have heard at conferences, baptists in the early 20th century had an intense fear of Jesuits. Maybe it was because of their education, but again, i am taking a wild guess. 😉

  2. Or, perhaps you have been duped into not being afraid of Jesuits and one will come along to threaten your life unless you pledge a secret oath to the Pope. You never can be too careful.

  3. @Michael, actually it’s Brian LePort from Near Emmaus who is heading to Rome. He wrote a post saying he fears he may become Catholic before he returns because he’s been reading excerpts from the Pope’s new book. Though I think he was being a bit humorous, it is interesting to see all of the positive Protestant feedback on Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week.

    1. No big deal. I do hope to get to Rome at some point, but right now I’m saving up for a trip to South Africa for graduation. I have my dissertation defense on April 18th and graduation would be in December in Stellenbosch.

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