It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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Sex trafficking is a rising concern among some… including the U.S. Government. Today is the day in which whomever has set aside to bring awareness to a blight on humanity – the ability for some to think that they can sell another’s body. No country is immune to it, regardless of what you may here. Some countries have an underground way of keeping it hidden, while others have oppressive norms which allow for it. The United States has it rising in the cities and Israel ranks the 3rd worst.┬áThere are many organizations which seek to combat this, so join one. Or, better, go to your state legislatures and get them to strength sexual trafficking laws.

More than likely, I will never be forced into sex trafficking… and I can promise you that I will never partake in trafficking sex, but it is an issue for me, nevertheless, because I am human.

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