It was Scientology? Duh?

Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise, her husband of over five years, and the bombshell breakup has many people wondering just what went wrong.

According to TMZ, it was Cruise’s strong ties to Scientology and Holmes’ fear that their daughter, Suri, 6, would get pulled into the religion that caused her to take action. Suri is reportedly at an age when the organization is set to play a bigger role in her life, and Holmes doesn’t want Cruise dictating her religious beliefs.

via Katie Holmes, Scientology: Why The Actress Filed For Divorce From Tom Cruise.

I don’t like divorces, mind you, but geesh am I ever glad about this one.

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12 Replies to “It was Scientology? Duh?”

      1. But the higher you get in the ranks, the more you know. L. Ron Hubbard was a FreeMason, and he modeled Scientology after Masonry. The people at the bottom in a Masonic Lodge just sit around a drink beer, but the deeper you go, the more weird stuff you find out. I wonder how long it’ll take before Glenn Beck gets taught all humans came from the planet Kolob. (Which is WHY God has to be mortal human in the Mormon worldview, so Mormons can become a god too)

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