#Israel calls out the #NRA for lying

Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry told the NY Daily News that NRA head Wayne LaPierre was lying when he claimed the country “had a whole lot of school shootings” and “put armed security in every school” during an appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press.

Palmor told the paper, “We didn’t have a series of school shootings, and they had nothing to do with the issue at hand in the United States.” He continued, “What removed the danger was not the armed guards but an overall anti-terror policy and anti-terror operations which brought street terrorism down to nearly zero over a number of years.”

via Israel: NRA Is Lying About Our Gun Laws | National Confidential.

I posted earlier about the gun laws in Israel and the difference between here and there… Not that facts matter to an awfully lot of people.

Anyway, the Right Wing has a habit of calling Israel to its side when they need moral support. Looks like Israel is just about tired of it.

When will we be?

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