Is this your presentation of Calvinism?

During the course of biblioblogging, I have met some real fine Reformed people. I am almost persuaded to explore Calvinism further – but I come across a video like this and I have to ask – is this what I am supposed to explore?

Is this how you would present the Gospel, if you were a Calvinist?

Or, perhaps this guy is missing some severe points.

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26 Replies to “Is this your presentation of Calvinism?”

  1. I looked this guy up. and he has engaged in questionable practices to fund his ministry. I can’t believe it is legal for him to file a DBA for his Faith Defenders Apologetics business with the same name as the church he was pastoring in order to siphon funds. I suppose these could be false accusations by disgruntled former elders as he claims, but when 2 out of 3 elders in a church call out the pastor something has to be up.

  2. Robert Morey and ministry, is near from my brothers house. I think it is Orange CA? (S. Calif.)  He is a radical, in your face type of Calvinst. He has taken on Islam somewhat. But he does not represent the mainstream of even modern Calvinist’s. I saw the clip, he has lost weight, he used to be quite heavy (I saw his pic somewhere, back in the late 90’s?) Remember I go back and forth from the UK to here, with my brother being here, etc. To me the man sounds rather effeminate?  His argument does not even account for the truth of hyperbole in scripture!
    Fr. R.

  3. Sweet links to John Wesley!  I wish more conservative theologically minded people read  the Wesley’s!  As I wrote to Joel, John and Charles are in fact more toward Calvin on the doctrine of grace, as it “comes” to the believer. This is factual, if you read Wesley’s sermons, and also some of his brother Charles hymns. But they are otherwise their brand of Arminianism, and biblically in house.
    Fr. R.

  4. If a Christian isn’t simultaneously stunned, humbled, and blown away by God’s sovereign grace, I don’t think he/she represents the Body of Christ very well. Speaking of “sovereign grace,” the cluster of churches (they don’t call themselves a denomination) who go by that name (Sovereign Grace Ministries) describe their Reformed, charismatic approach to worship “humble orthodoxy.” Every Calvinist who wants to share the Good News should embrace a humble orthodoxy.

    Reformed theology can’t be summed up with either the “five points” or the “five solas.” It’s a Word-focused theology with God in all His majesty at the center.

    If you want to read about how God used men of distinctly different views on soteriology to turn the world upside down, check out Dallimore’s biography of Whitefield (in which the Wesley brothers are major players).

    This is by far my favorite Christian biography, because it show so clearly how God’s ways are not our ways, especially in times of major revival. In the case of Whitefield, it is the story of the First Great Awakening.

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