Is this another malfeasance of the Academic Community?

Father Thomas L. Brodie, recently out of the closet as a Jesus-mythicist, has been replaced at his teaching position.

According to documents seen by the Irish Sun, the veteran scholar was also banned from any lecturing, teaching or writing while a probe is under way…. (here – via The Irish Sun)

The online journal has a somewhat more interesting take, a take that looks really, really close to the Irish Sun.

Anyway… I am an admirer of Thomas Brodie’s work on mimesis; however, I think he has lost his focus and hold on the facts. My concern is the use of the term “rip-off.”

Anyway, Brodie has suffered a displacement, but is it unwarranted? Hardly. He was a priest, having taken oaths and certain vows to the Church and his Order which he in several ways broke. Added to this, this is a strictly confessional institution and the premise he is now publicly decreeing is directly against EVERYTHING the institution stands for. To me, this is like a professor at MIT teaching Young Earth Creationism. There is academic freedom and then there is taking away the conspiracy theory license.

Tough here… really tough.

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