Is the U.S. Military going to Court Martial Christians?

I saw this on The Colbert Report last night — Bryan Fischer has discovered the Obama’s administration’s secret plan for making this a Muslim nation:

Yeah… Anyway, pursuing Fox this a.m., I saw this head line – to your lower right:

Fox News Fixes Your Perception

The actual story this headline links too? The sum total? An outside group tired of the recent news from the Air Force Academy and other places that have depicted some in those various places of using their rank to force people to become Christians or the what not, is urging that these officers will not stop treating the U.S. Military like the Army of God, then court martial them. I mean, you have the U.S. Army inviting well-known liar David Barton to their prayer breakfast.

Who does Fox news turn to characterize the outside group? Why, it’s Tony (Friends with David Duke) Perkins… (Seems Todd Starnes, the author of the piece, regularly turns to Tony).

But, let me stop here. What if a Captain Iman was doing the same thing and wouldn’t stop?

Or, what if a military officer broke military rules, commands, and/or orders? Should it be, depending on motivation or type of command (baring the Nuremberg examples, please), treated differently?

Read the article – note the nuances they use in denouncing the outside group, the way they promote their own group and the way this group (FRC) is treated as authoritative on a matter of opinion not related with what the Military has actually said.

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