Is the Pope Wrong on Palm Sunday?

Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey
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Pope Benedict XVI, leading
a huge crowd at Palm Sunday outdoor Mass,
lauded man’s technological accomplishments
but lamented that his increasing abilities can
also be used for evil.

Waving palm fronds and olive branches —
symbols of peace — pilgrims, tourists and
Romans packed St.Peter’s Square on a sunny,
breezy day for the start of Holy
Week ceremonies. When the ceremony began,
the square was nearly full, but by its end, a
crowd numbering in the tens of thousands
spilled over into the broad boulevard which
leads to the Tiber.

Palm Sunday’s liturgy recalls Jesus’ triumphal
entry into Jerusalem, and Benedict’s homily
reflected on how the triumphs of men and
women are also tempered by selfishness and

“From the beginning, men and women have
been filled — and this is as true today as ever
— with a desire to be like God, to attain the
heights of God by their own powers,” the pope
said. “All the inventions of the human spirit are

ultimately an effort to gain wings,” he added.

Pope leads faithful in Palm Sunday outdoor Mass – World news – Europe –

I don’t think he is…

I hope that we can begin to use technology for the better…

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7 Replies to “Is the Pope Wrong on Palm Sunday?”

  1. Don’t have any actual fronds to wave? I’m sure there’s an app for that… And for just $2.99, you too can be a Good Catholic celebrant! Get thee to thine App Store hence!

    Dude, just for the record, I’m pretty sure that tweeting during church is not an approved use of technology by the tiny Baby Jesus, who was too busy on Facebook to respond to requests for comment.


      1. OMG… Wow… You totally just said that. No actual response from me is necessary, since going to church “is about branding.” Wooowwwwwww…

          1. [hilarious but completely filthy joke omitted out of courtesy for the other two or three poor souls who read this blog]

  2. One should never forget that Ratzinger is a german and we germans tend to be pessimistic. Last week Berlin hostet the re:publica XI, the biggest conference about social media, blogs etc. in Europe. The most inovative projects, as far I could see, came from people outside germany/europe. Prof. Gunther Dueck of IBM in his amazing speech lamented that germans are too conservative and that we will loose the momentum if we don’t change.

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