Is that really what the Pope said, Chris?

I like Chris, I do, but his latest rant? How.dare.he.

Here is my video response:

First, Chris, it wasn’t just underprivileged youth. It was youth locked up in prison… it was a Muslim… and worse, a Muslim girl.

Chris interprets the Pope’s words as “atheists, when they do good, are just as redeemed as Christians.” This comports with the title of his post, “Atheists are just as redeemed by good works as Christians.” He goes on to repeat this about 1:05.

If they anger the protestants, Chris, it’s because the protestants are still listening to Martin Luther and not what Pope Francis actually said.

Chris is correct, tho, that Christians do not have the monopoly on doing good. This, I think, is more central to the Pope’s words than what has been said so far.

Here, this is the post I referenced in my video.

These are the words of Pope Francis.

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